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Why We're Different

We at Thermanator pride ourselves in being Denver’s leading bed bug specialists. We are passionate about what we do, and strive to make every customer’s experience with us the best it can be. But what about Thermanator makes us stand out from the competition? Why should you choose us over other exterminator companies?

We’ve Been There.

The reason we started Thermanator was because we had bed bugs in our home, and couldn’t find a reliable extermination company. We found that most companies hardly returned phone calls! And when they did, and came out to our location, they did a sub-par job. We couldn’t find a reliable provider who got the job done as intended. We understand the frustration of having to deal with bed bugs on top of your existing busy life. Add an unreliable extermination company to the mix, and that’s an exercise in frustration. That’s when we got fed up and decided to do it ourselves, and be the leaders in bed bug extermination! We are a locally-owned company, by real people who want to make sure no one goes through the headache of struggling with reliable bed bug exterminators.

We Utilize The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment

What’s the point of getting bed bugs in your home exterminated if they’re going to come back again? We use heat, the most effective treatment to kill bed bugs and their eggs, and guarantee they will be gone for good! We guarantee the safety of your pets and furniture with our innovative treatment, as it uses heat rather than harsh and harmful chemicals. We provide you a one-year satisfaction guarantee, as well as a guarantee that all: bed bugs, eggs, or dormant bugs are killed, and won’t come back. Your exterminator will be there through the entire process, monitoring the coverage area, to ensure all bed bugs are killed in a safe and effective manner. It only takes one day to be free of bed bugs!

We Do Residential And Commercial Treatments

We beat out the competition because we want any space that has the potential to be infested with bed bugs, to have access to our services. We provide both commercial and residential services. Don’t let your business or office space become victim to bed bugs! We are proud to offer services to homes, hotels and motels, hospitals, businesses and office spaces, senior centers, apartment complexes, and townhomes.

We Are Passionate About Education

We believe at Thermanator that part of our purpose is to, not only get rid of your bed bugs, but to educate our clients through every step of the extermination process. We are dedicated to making sure you completely understand what we do to kill bed bugs, and why. That way, you are confident that we do use the best extermination method. We also want you to be empowered and prepared if something happens in the future. We guarantee your satisfaction, and a one-time extermination. However if something happens and you need to get rid of bed bugs in the future, we want to make sure you aren’t panicked and understand the process.

With Thermanator, you can be confident that you are in good hands. We guarantee your satisfaction, and that your bed bugs will be gone for good! Our expert bed bug exterminators are happy to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today!

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Welcome to Thermanator, Denver's leading bed bug heat treatment specialists. We are a locally owned company that started our business because we had bed bugs and realized what a struggle it was getting a good company to come out and help us. Most companies want you to sign a contract, come out and spray several times and offer little or no warranty. Half of the calls that we made to companies weren't even returned. We knew immediately that we wanted to be the company that offered guaranteed results and exceptional service, while educating our customers. From our residential treatments to our commercial solutions and system rentals, we are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our services. Our staff is highly trained and ready to answer all our your questions. Learn more today!
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We are not a standard pest control company. We're Denver's leading bed bug specialists and we're bringing you a solution to your bed bug problem. We offer both residential and commercial pest removal services-to help you get your place back to normal fast.
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Guaranteed results

We offer a 1yr warranty on full-service treatments of single-family homes that are prepared the day of treatment. Our pricing may change after inspection based on the infestation and/or clutter. Please call 303-586-4018 and speak to one of our technicians for a quote.
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