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When you see the first signs of bed bugs in your home (blood, shells, or skins on your sheets or mattress, bites on your arms or legs), the first thing that may come to mind is, “gross!” And then you may begin to wonder where the infestation came from. You keep your house or apartment clean, you vacuum regularly, and you keep the kitchen clear, but somehow the tiny bugs found a way into your home. But how? Keep reading to learn where bed bugs come from and call a bed bug exterminator in Denver for quick and efficient results.

Bed Bugs Are Great at Hiding

The first thing to understand about bed bugs is that they are highly skilled at hiding in small spaces. Unless you have seen signs of an infestation and look closely for the bugs, eggs, or molted skin, they can be very hard to see. Adult bed bugs are between four and five millimeters long and nymph bed bugs are incredibly small, making it hard to see them with the naked eye. Bed bugs do become slightly swollen after feeding, but can still be hard to see without knowing that they’re there.

Bed bugs like to hide during the day when it is less likely that they can feed. They tend to hide in small spaces, including:

  • Bed Bug Exterminator DenverIn the crevices and folds of your mattress or bed spring
  • Among the sheets on your bed
  • In the headboard
  • In the baseboards along the floor
  • Inside carpet
  • Seams of your clothes, in the closet, or on the floor
  • Books and/or magazines
  • Picture frames
  • Luggage
  • Shoes

They’re Also Great at Hitching a Ride

Bed bugs and are also very adept at hitching a ride from place to place, especially during travel. If you spend time traveling and stay at a hotel, be sure to thoroughly inspect the room for bed bugs, paying special attention to the above list. Look for the most common signs of bed bugs, including the bugs themselves, blood on the sheets, or shed skins.

To be sure that you don’t pick up any hitchhikers, keep your luggage up off of the floor using a stand, or place it on a chair or desk. Avoid putting clothes or shoes on the bed. It’s also important to understand that bed bugs don’t only hide in the bed, so be wary of what surfaces your things come in contact with. Bed bugs will gladly attach to your belongings and enjoy a free ride to your home.

When bed bugs have reached your home, they can quickly spread throughout the home, in bedrooms as well as living spaces. Female bed bugs can lay up to five eggs each day, making it possible for an infestation to quickly become a serious problem. Even though bed bugs aren’t known to spread disease, the itchiness that results from the bites can be incredibly frustrating.

Bed Bug Exterminator DenverThey’re Not Just in Hotels

Stereotypically, bed bugs find a home in spaces that are dirty or messy or in inexpensive, unclean motels. However, bed bugs will infest a space regardless of the cleanliness of the space and they will take up residence in various buildings. Along with five-star hotels, homes, and apartments, bed bugs can also be found in dorm rooms, nursing homes, jails, hospitals, schools, and libraries. Some bed bug exterminators believe that bed bugs are becoming more common due to an increase in international travel as well as an improved resistance to insecticides.

What to do About It

There are several DIY bed bug extermination methods; however, they are often not enough to eliminate the infestation and are potentially dangerous. Because bed bugs have built up a tolerance to many insecticides, it takes a professional bed bug exterminator with the appropriate equipment to rid your home of the bed bugs and their eggs.

At Thermanator, our Denver experts use innovative methods to ensure the infestation is properly taken care of. Unlike many exterminators in Northern and Southern Colorado, we use heat to eliminate bed bugs from your home. Chemicals simply aren’t a reliable way of removing bed bugs, so we use powerful heaters to ensure that bugs, eggs, and even dormant bugs are killed. When eggs are killed, you can be confident that the infestation won’t come back.

If you are struggling with an infestation, call the expert bed bug exterminators at Thermanator. We’ll be there throughout the process to ensure complete satisfaction. Learn more about our residential bed bug exterminators and call today for an estimate.

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