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The more you know about bed bugs, the better you can protect your home and the faster you can get them out when you do have an infestation. But where do you start? You may be surprised to hear this, but there’s actually a lot to know about bed bugs, so let’s start at the beginning.

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Bed Bug Exterminator DenverDuring their life cycle, bed bugs go through several stages of development. After bed bugs hatch from the egg, these baby bugs are known as nymphs. Nymphs will mature at different speeds depending on the temperature in the space and how often they are able to get a meal. In a room temperature space, with an available host, nymphs will mature into adults within about 21 days.

Females lay single eggs and can lay between one and 12 eggs in a day. Eggs are typically laid in spaces with other adult bugs. These spaces are often tight crevices, including mattress edges, box springs, and bed frames. Eggs generally take between six and 10 days to hatch.

Eggs and the nymphs begin nearly colorless and are incredibly small, between 1.3 to 4 millimeters in length. This is similar in size to a sesame seed and is partly why they are often so hard to find in your home. Since female bed bugs can lay between one and 12 eggs each day, nymphs can many times make up the majority of the infestation.

As nymphs continue to grow, their color will darken and can appear slightly red after feeding. After the nymph stage, bed bugs go through five stages of larva before they become an adult. The nymph to adult journey takes around five weeks.

If you’re concerned about bed bugs in your home, get in touch with a professional bed bug exterminator as soon as possible. When an infestation is left untreated, it can quickly spread from room to room in your home, or if you live in an apartment, from unit to unit.

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